place value pre test

I have bein working on rounding numbers and  i think i have got the hang of rounding.                                                                           I think i need to work on grater then and less then. 

We will be doing our post test soon so i am going to be foucest o0n my post test and this i am going to read the qustion proply.

The red means you got it wrong and the pink one means you have done it wrihgt but you still need to work on it.




school holidays

i’m exsideed for the school holiday because i’m going to m unty and uncils for 2 weeks it is going to be so so fun  because i get to play with my cusen we are going to go swimming  i am going to go dowen the big water slide

my day

to day we did reading math spelling and computers me and mardi  whent on gemalis  and now i’m on class blogs


today we played cricket with MJO and MDH we played throwing the ball then we played balance the ball then throwing the ball in the air then we  played a game at the end rapid fire.

Hello world!

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